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Rooibos Range of Toiletries

Rooibos Toiletries

Because we care for our delicate ecosystem and our precious guests, we’ve gone the extra mile in sourcing skincare products which are not only kind to the environment but kind to your skin.

Our complimentary Rooibos extract products are produced with extracts of the Rooibos plant which was awarded the Geographic Indicator Status by the European Union in 2014. This effectively means that only Rooibos which is grown in the Western Cape Cederberg area may carry the name – similar to Champagne!

The benefits of Rooibos are endless and research is ongoing as this precious resource produces more and more surprises. Not only does Rooibos provide a soothing and calming tea but its benefits are multiplied when extracts are combined in skincare cosmetics.

Rooibos is naturally high in ascorbic acid, zinc and antioxidants and recent research has shown that the green extract is effective in limiting the replication of precancerous skin cells. This reinforces the protective benefit offered against damaging and ageing environmental factors.

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